IPENZ held their Transportation Group Conference in Rotorua this March. The theme of the conference was “Stand and Deliver,” a concept chosen to encourage transportation professionals to deliver “considered views of the highest calibre” and have the courage to stand by them, an increasingly difficult task as resources become more and more constrained and deliverable benchmarks are raised. It is a worthy aim, however, and one that certainly resonates with Resolve Group staff and clients. 

There were many high quality papers presented including a session on some of the transportation issues facing Christchurch post earthquake. Rob Lorden particularly enjoyed the presentation from the University of Canterbury’s Dr. Susan Krumdieck on “The Dunedin Peak Oil Vulnerability Study and Strategic Transition Plan“.  Dr Krumdieck predicts that with a 50% reduction in oil production by 2050, it could cost $300 to $400 to fill the petrol tank of an average car. This will necessarily change many of our daily behaviours as a community, and Dr. Krumdieck hopes to encourage transportation professionals to lead the way in promoting early change through planning and design. Definitely thought provoking!

Five Resolve Group staff members attended: Terry Brown, Michael Kwok, Nigel Griffith, Rob Lorden and Steve Griffith; and a number of other staff and guests joined the Las Vegas-styled conference dinner to celebrate with Terry, recipient of an IPENZ Life Membership Award.