Risk analysis and management can be seen as anticipating uncertainty, understanding it, and deciding whether to modify or accept the risk. It must be proactive, not reactive, and its key objective is to mitigate adverse impacts on project objectives. Good risk analysis is a systematic and on-going process, which can be applied to reduce impacts on costs, programme, reputation, safety, and business operations. It encourages the early adoption of corrective actions to minimise loss and increase the project’s chances of success. It is also fundamental in determining and supporting an effective procurement strategy to ensure risk is appropriately transferred and managed.

Resolve Group has a track record of improving certainty and adding significant value to project outcomes through comprehensive risk analysis at initiation and risk management throughout the life of a project. We have staff trained and experienced in applying risk management based on ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines and NZTA’s Minimum Standard Z/44 Risk Management, and in the use of specialised risk software such as @Risk, Primavera Risk Analysis and Active Risk Manager to support the collation and analysis of risks. Our staff have been involved in the risk management of many large scale infrastructure projects, such as the $1.4B SH20 Waterview Connection project.


  • Risk adjusted cost estimation
  • Risk adjusted programmes
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Facilitation of risk workshops
  • Parallel estimates and peer review
  • Risk Mitigation and Monitoring