At Resolve Group we know there is increasing pressure on publicly funded organisations to demonstrate they are effectively delivering their core services and meeting changing expectations and requirements.

We have a long history of working collaboratively to understand and solve difficult problems for our clients. Our focus is always to find effective solutions that will provide real value and then deliver them efficiently. We work closely with our clients to help optimise the whole-of-life value of their assets with an emphasis on optimal service delivery, customer outcomes and minimising future surprises. By adopting this approach, and because we are an independent consultancy, we can also assist in selecting service providers and reviewing documents.

Core Asset Management Services:

  • Asset and Activity Management Plan development and review
  • Strategic Asset Management framework development and review
  • Asset Management current practice assessment and improvement planning
  • Asset Lifecycle planning
  • One Network Road Classification (ONRC) assistance
  • Level of Service development and implementation
  • Asset Criticality assessment
  • Business Process Mapping