A client’s own consulting team

Resolve Group is an infrastructure management consultancy delivering outstanding solutions to international and domestic clients, large and small. 

Since 2002, we have been helping clients anticipate and respond to emergent challenges, and to navigate turbulent times, tricky situations, and complex projects. We use our skills, talent and experience to achieve successful outcomes for clients, and work across the entire life cycle of a client’s business, standing by their side to manage risk and add value to decision making. 

Who we are

Our team members come from all over the world, are all ages, and have highly diverse work experiences, allowing for a wide range of perspectives in our planning and our approach. We have a policy of diversity in our hiring and we place training, education and exposure to new ideas and innovations high on our list of priorities.

We are privately owned, with many of our team holding shares in the company. This means our people have a direct stake in successful client outcomes, in building enduring relationships and in ensuring the continued health of the organisation. 

Above all, we invest in people – our staff and our clients – taking the time to understand needs and applying our wide-ranging abilities to address them. This people-centric attitude has led to a reputation for forming enduring, trusted partnerships characterised by openness. It has also led to a stable staff base with great retention rates and high rankings in business-place wellbeing. 

Our values:

  • Integrity — we are even handed, honest, reliable, and transparent
  • Curiosity — we stay abreast of market and industry ideas and challenge the status quo
  • Enterprise — we are resourceful and imaginative
  • He tangata — people and performance are paramount

What we do

Our infrastructure services focus on four key areas:

  • Strategic: Independent advisory services and strategic reviews. We can provide governance, trouble-shooting, and have the aptitude to synthesise and navigate complex requirements. We assist clients to articulate objectives and deliver intended benefits.
  • Procurement: We offer services from cost estimation and management to contract documentation, and can provide complete management of the procurement process, right through to project handover. 
  • Delivery: Project management and delivery services. We can act as your Engineer to the Contract and provide project management support during construction and network operations.
  • Performance: We offer expertise in risk analysis and management, the development and drafting of standards, specifications and CONOPS. We also offer services in asset management and operational performance. 

We are big enough to offer a comprehensive range of services and a diversity of skills, and small enough to be objective, flexible, accessible, and responsive to the changing needs of clients and markets.

By drawing on the strong, long-term relationships Resolve Group builds with clients, staff and our international network of experts, any member of our team is able to quickly come to a deep understanding of the most complex issues faced by our clients, allowing us to help each client find value-for-money, workable solutions and outcomes. 

Should the need arise, we are able to provide high-calibre, seconded resources to ‘fill gaps’ for clients, allowing successful delivery on programmed (and unprogrammed) work without delay due to insufficient resources.

More detail on our services can be found here

If you would like to discuss how we might help you achieve your goals, please email us.