Resolve Group began life as an independent specialist infrastructure consultancy. Working with infrastructure is still what many of us at Resolve Group love to do.  We have a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive expertise in a range of infrastructure sectors and with experience from strategic planning through to operations. We work alongside local and national authorities, and domestic and international clients, to understand their challenges so that we can provide solutions that are targeted to addressing their needs.

We pride ourselves on working with our clients through the entire program or project life-cycle and specialise in looking at both the problems and proposed solutions to ask, “What can be provided to improve the outcome and reduce the cost?” We have access to leading international specialists and are highly regarded for our lateral thinking.

Water Services:

Our water solutions cover a broad range of strategic services including:

  • Strategic network and treatment system planning
    • potable water
    • irrigation
    • wastewater
    • stormwater
  • Flow monitoring specification and procurement
  • Inflow and infiltration management strategies
  • Hydraulic modelling strategies
  • Asset management
  • Business case development and cost evaluation
  • Problem definition and project scoping
  • Peer review
  • Hydraulic design and review
  • Trenchless technology design
  • Pressure and vacuum sewer analysis and design
  • Water loss analysis and management plans
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Stormwater quality assessment
  • Resource management advice
  • Project management
  • Procurement strategies

Transport Services:

We provide a comprehensive range of transport services from concept through to implementation including:

  • Strategic transport system planning:
    • Urban road systems
    • Managed motorways
    • Public transport systems
    • Cycle and walking networks
  • Network performance evaluation and traffic operations reviews
  • Demand forecasting and evaluation
  • Business case development and economic evaluation
  • Problem definition and project scoping
  • Civil engineering and roading design
  • Scoping, implementation and management of Transport Technology-based traffic management systems
  • Concept of operations and functional requirements for design solutions on managed motorways and arterial networks
  • Clever intersection and interchange design and operational solutions to make best use of capacity and space
  • Traffic signal operations and congestion management
  • Project feasibility reports and scheme assessments
  • Project management and specialist advice in traffic operations, Transport Technology, engineering design, managed motorways and urban corridors
  • Peer reviews of corridor management plans and design solutions
  • Advice on commercial models for passenger transport infrastructure and operations
  • Project management – Transport Technology, engineering design management
  • Funding mechanisms including process improvements and alternative funding sources such as tolling and transport system access charges