With a career spanning more than 40 years in roads and transport, Terry joined Resolve Group as Executive Director at the end of 2005. He previously spent 15 years working at Transit New Zealand as Auckland Regional Manager and latterly, Director for Strategy and Traffic. In those roles Terry was responsible for the initial planning of the majority of recently commissioned major projects on Auckland motorways including the Northern Busway planning; the contracts for the Eastern Transports Corridor contracts (AMETI); the 2002 Waitemata Crossing Constructability study and the 2009 Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing study; the Inner City Rail Link Study. Terry maintains a close interest in road asset management drawing on his 18 years involvement with rural roading with three separate Council’s and his close association with the management of the Auckland and Northland State highway networks.

Terry and has particular expertise in:

  • Asset Management
  • Traffic Operations
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Contract Administration
  • Council Hearing Commissioner
  • Strategic Transport Planning

As a member of PIARC (World Road Association) he was on the Risk Management for Roads Technical Committee for six years. Terry is well respected internationally and has introduced many new ideas and technologies to New Zealand from overseas. When he is not working, Terry enjoys rowing and gardening.