Resolve Group takes all health and safety seriously, mental health and wellbeing no less than any other, and is always looking for ways to build resiliency within our organisation and alongside our clients. Recently, Keith Swedhin attended a HASANZ safety conference in Wellington at which one of the major, over-arching themes was supporting the mental health of staff. The keynote speaker, Dr Lucy Hone, provided a wonderful rendition of her 2020 TedTalk on Resiliency. The original talk is just under 16 minutes, and worth the watch (it rated in the top 20 talks of 2020 globally).

Resolve Group’s leading H, S & W goal for 2023 is to embed an understanding of NZS 45003:2021 within the business. This is a new Standard, currently being piloted, that puts in place “Guidelines for managing phycho-social risks”. Resolve Group is looking to pioneer its adoption to ensure we are supporting the mental wellbeing and psychological safety of every member of our staff. We also hope that we can be leaders and mentors to other organisations in a wider attempt to improve effective responses to mental health issues as part of a greater overall concern with the wellbeing, not just of our own people, but society in general. This attitude helps strengthen one of our fundamental company values – recognising the importance of staff wellbeing to the wellbeing of the company as a whole.