Life at Resolve Group under Level 2 will not look a whole lot different for us or our clients. Our Wellington office will remain closed to the public, and while our Auckland office is open from Thursday, we will have no more than 10 staff there at any time. Please continue to work with us as you have at Level 3. If you need a face-to-face meeting, call first to arrange a time and a place. If you do come into the office, you will find protocol in place for contact tracing and hygiene.

We are excited about the new opportunities Level 2 will bring but urge everyone not to become complacent. Working together thoughtfully and being conscientious about procedures around Covid-19 will help us all get back to normal sooner.

Good luck and stay well, from all the Team at Resolve Group.

A new Health and Safety System has been developed by Resolve Group as the company’s response to the recent new legislation relating to Health and Safety in the workplace (the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016). This new System has been designed to enable the company to provide its staff with a safer working environment (in the office, on the road or at the work site), while giving us compliance with the Act and helping to meet WorkSafe NZ requirements for Health and Safety.

A vital part of the System are the Risk Management Plans. These have been developed to more carefully identify risk in our workplace (wherever it may be) and to put in place processes to manage that risk (by elimination, isolation or mitigation).

Resolve Group has also recently joined the international organisation, ISNetWorld. Membership of this group enables us, as a company, to become health and safety “pre-qualified” with those clients that choose to utilise ISNetWorld as part of their supplier management system.

Resolve Group’s health and safety actions are part of the national drive to reduce serious injuries and fatalities at work as New Zealand undergoes its most significant workplace health and safety reforms in 20 years.