Auckland has returned to level 1 and we are happy to welcome staff and clients back into the office. That said, please stay home if you are sick or have any symptoms. We will be continuing to take contact tracing details and will be encouraging hygiene practices. We are greatly looking forward to returning to some old but valued work practices such as the face-to-face meeting, but it is worth noting that some of our staff members are continuing to work from home some of the time, so do ring first. And well done everyone.

Auckland is still at alert level 2.5 and we are asking that people refrain from coming into our offices in person without an appointment until Wednesday, September 23th. All staff continue to be available via phone, email, skype and zoom. If you do come in, you will be required to fill out a contact tracing form, wear a mask and not bring others with you. Do not come in, even if you have an appointment, if you feel unwell; please stay home and seek medical advice. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us be socially responsible around Covid. Please remember to bring us your difficult problems to solve – we’re good at it.