Auckland is currently at Alert Level 3. As with previously, the Marmion Street office will be closed until this changes but all Resolve Group staff are available to work remotely and can be contacted as per usual.

If there is one good thing we can say about lockdown, it is that we know how to do it, and we know how to do it well. If, however, you need any help, advice or have a concern, feel free to email us at and remember that alongside our long term projects we have the ability to allocate resources short term into positions you may temporarily have empty.

Good luck and stay healthy, from all the team at Resolve Group.


Today is a day of considerable consequence to businesses all over New Zealand as we move to Level 1. At Resolve Group, we are welcoming all staff and clients back into the office and out to our client sites. We will continue with contact tracing and extra sanitising and we ask that anyone feeling unwell stay home.

Before we rush back to life as normal, however, we’d like to share some very valuable lessons we learnt as a company during lockdown, which made us rethink what ‘business as usual’ could look like. We discovered that many staff members found themselves more productive working from home, and we are encouraging them to continue doing so whenever that makes sense. We found that video conferencing technology made many of our meetings more efficient, and so we will continue to keep that as a part of our regular business practice. Enforced isolation meant we had to make an extra effort to create opportunities for getting our teams together virtually in order to retain cohesion and communication, and the results of that effort were noticeable and positive, building a greater sense of unity, connection and common purpose.

We don’t want to lose sight of these hard-won lessons, and we will be building on them to enhance efficiency, wellbeing and our sense of organisational community. We will also be looking for ways to involve you, our clients, in some of these strategies and hope you will join us in looking at ways to adapt and improve how we conduct business on a daily basis; one that focuses on caring for our teams and our clients, engenders empathy within business relationships and prioritises compassion.

The entire the team at Resolve Group thank you for your efforts and support over this time and are looking forward with enthusiasm to continued business relationships that take on board all that we have learnt.