Stuart McDougallStuart joined the Resolve Group team recently as a Senior Consultant after five years working with Auckland Transport. Here, his role was to manage the team responsible for the production of the Auckland Regional Land Transport Plan, but his whole career has been focused on transport planning and it is these skills that make him an ideal fit here.

As Stuart says, “Engineers like to build stuff – it doesn’t really matter what – but it’s important that what you build makes sense and is useful. The only purpose of transport is to serve land use – it’s important to make sure that connection happens.”

Stuart is particularly interested in transport policy, especially roading; ensuring that all modes are catered for appropriately in a limited road space. “To make that happen,” he says, “first you need to make sure you know what the purpose of the road is. Although you may not want cyclists on your freight route, a road needs to be made safe for all modes. Creating a more enjoyable experience for cyclists along an alternative route may encourage them away from the freight route.”

He is also convinced the business case approach is a great methodology for ensuring projects we build are the best they can be and money won’t be wasted on white elephants by linking, at all stages through the project, with the original problem that was identified. The business case model can be used for gaining value in all investment decisions.

If you would like to talk directly to Stuart, you can call him on 09. 3033461, or email him at