Nik VorsterNik is a highly experienced transport economist, logistics planner, planning engineer and teaching professional with a successful record in economic analysis, strategic planning, business case development and staff and client training.  He was the leader of the working group that developed a road planning classification system for the Auckland region as part of the Regional Arterial Road Plan Review and was a member of the working group that developed the ONRC for the Transport Agency for planning and funding purposes. He has assisted with the delivery of cross-organisational projects at both regional and national levels.

Nik was a member of the working group that enabled the development of identified greenfield areas in Auckland to accommodate growth through the Section 32 requirements of the Resource Management Act and a member of the Australasian team that analysed the costs of developing social infrastructure inside and outside Auckland’s urban boundaries.

Nik assisted the Transport Agency’s research by being a member of the steering group evaluating research proposals for national funding. He has provided expert transport economic advice to ARTA and the Transport Agency, and assisted with the development of methods to measure transport performance and costs, as well as the provision of alternative funding scenarios.  As a member of Auckland Transport, he provided feedback on numerous national  and regional strategic plans including the New Zealand Transport Strategy, the Ministry of Transport’s Knowledge Hubs, the Auckland Regional Land Transport Plan, the Energy Strategy and Treasury’s Infrastructure Plan.

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