Louise Baker

A recognised leader in sustainability and transport, smart cities and environmental management, Louise is passionate about helping cities become more liveable and find their place in nature. A self-confessed auto-didact, Louise also knows that bringing people along on that journey is vital.

I love listening to people and researching new subject matter, in books, online and through my social networks. Everyone can teach you something, and I intend to learn all the way through my life. 

Louise notes that sustainability professionals cannot get by without a strong head for business and she is no exception, having always had to prove the sustainable transport projects she’s led have tangible benefits. Building on her master’s degree in economics, policy and environmental science, she spent two years in finance at the beginning of her career and was recognised as one of the best commercial project managers in the legacy Opus business, both for management systems and results.

With a history of finding simple, practical and understandable solutions to complex problems, Louise has been sought out as a valued strategic advisor to answer questions such as: ‘what does a smart city mean to Auckland?, ‘why do business cases keep leading us to car-based infrastructure outcomes?’ and ‘how can we decarbonise our transport system, fast?’.

An independent, original and deep thinker, Louise particularly enjoys taking on challenges where more than one brain is required to solve a problem or balance a dilemma, and combines this with an empathetic and collaborative leadership style that inspires and motivates people, resulting in high quality outcomes.

I have a mind that can envisage the end goal and then build the system to get there, bringing teams and stakeholders with me on that journey.

Louise relishes challenges and is a capable project manager and a confident speaker with more than 20 years’ experience in delivering successful projects. She has joined Resolve Group looking for opportunities to work on transport planning, business cases, research, project and programme management and, of course, sustainability. She is particularly interested in applying her extensive knowledge and experience of Traffic Demand Management, Vehicle Kilometres Travelled reduction and behaviour change, shared mobility, on-demand transport and the first/last mile.