Baggage Handling System & Work Package Two


As an island nation, we are dependent on, and made vulnerable by, our international logistic, trade, travel and transport links. As engineers, Resolve Group have an ongoing personal and professional interest in building and maintaining quality sustainable infrastructure that keeps these routes viable and effective. With this professional goal in mind we continue to seek work in this sector and for several years now, we have worked in partnership with the Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL) to deliver a number of small but significant projects that are part of a larger, very significant, re-development programme for the domestic and international terminals.

In January this year, we started two contracts: a piece of work on the Baggage Handling System (BHS) as the Engineer to the Contract (EtC) and Engineer’s Representative (ERep) for the refurbishment/replacement of the Baggage Handling System in the International Terminal; Work Package 2 enabling works, where we are the EtC and ERep for the relocations and demo works for various office spaces in the International Terminal to make way for the future Work Package 2 (WP2) works. These two contracts are expected to last two to three years.

Work Package 4, a third contract awarded in 2022, is slated to begin within the next few weeks to provide (Unsure of scope for this one).  Resolve will serve as the EtC and ERep.

Work Package 6, the relocation of the Eastern Airfield Building, began in March.

Fuel Diversion is a series of separable portions that has been underway for over a year and is tasked with improving/upgrading the existing fuel system as well as providing a new resiliency line across the airfield.

Resolve Group has also provided EtC, ERep and Project Management coverage to a series of AIAL maintenance projects including airfield security fencing replacement, taxiway and runway pavement renewal/replacement contracts and airbridge replacements.