• Auckland Cycle Network - Grafton Gully Cycle Network

The Project: Auckland Cycle Network (ACN)

  • Auckland Cycle Network (ACN) objective is to deliver high quality, safe facilities promoting increased uptake of cycling in Auckland region
  • The ACN consists of approximately 1147km proposed and existing on and off road cycleways segregated to a hierarchy of Cycle Highways, Cycle Metros, Cycle Connectors and Cycle Feeders to support a strategic and prioritised focus for development and implementation
  • Prioritisation exercise involves establishing a Multi Criteria Analysis evaluation framework that identifies highly rated strategic routes and the ability to implement the desired safety treatment
  • Choice of safety treatment is influenced by the speed and volume of vehicles, and will range from off-road cycle paths to on-road cycle ways with kerb separations or buffer zones
  • Goal is to complete 70% of network by 2021

Resolve Group:

  • Worked with AT on the prioritisation of the unbuilt sections of the ACN ensuring it would meet strategic goals such as safety and connectivity and provide quality links to public transport

The Project: Grafton Gully Cycle Network

  • An extension of Auckland’s Northwestern Cycleway, Grafton Gully provides approximately 15km of almost all off‐road access for cyclists and pedestrians between Auckland’s CBD and Henderson in the west
  • Includes a 3‐4m wide cycleway, seven retaining walls and an underpass below Wellesley Street East ‐ a significant link between Auckland CBD and three major motorways: SH1 South, SH1 North and SH16 West

Resolve Group:

  • Was Engineer’s Representative during the development of the Traffic Management Strategy in which risks and mitigation measures were investigated through a series of collaborative workshops with key stakeholder groups. We provided the Engineer’s Representative for the University Cycle Bridge portion of the Grafton Gully Cycleway
  • Installed construction cameras at Grafton Gully, which were used to oversee progress remotely. As Engineer to the contract, a rethink over design and implementation led to cost savings and a reduction in impact on commuters