• Ōpōtiki Harbour Transformational Project
  • Ōpōtiki Harbour Transformational Project

The Challenge:

A useable harbour entrance to the Ōpōtiki township was needed, requiring a commercially viable level of access to marine vessels servicing a proposed offshore aquaculture development project.

The Outcome:

Over two years, $50 million was spent to upgrade the entrance to the Ōpōtiki Harbour so that a minimum channel depth of about 3.7m (at mid tide) could be maintained. A new river entrance 400m east of the existing entrance was created (and the existing river entrance channel closed), and two, 500m-long training walls, 120m apart, provided a channel width navigable in wave heights of up to 2m.

Our Involvement:

Resolve Group developed a Procurement Strategy that ensured value for money, transparency, defendable outcomes and a high degree of probity. The Procurement Strategy had to be sufficiently flexible to allow for the possibility of support infrastructure for the aquaculture project. We also assisted with ongoing professional procurement advice for the Specimen Design phase.