The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has recently engaged Resolve Group to provide procurement support and peer review of a proposal investigating the use of a moveable lane barrier (MLB) in Sydney. If the system is adopted, it will be the first installation in Australia.

The RTA is proposing the same moveable barrier system that Resolve recently assisted the NZTA to procure and commission for the upgrade on the Auckland Harbour Bridge. However, in Sydney the barrier will be installed on an urban arterial road with cross intersections. The 1500 metre barrier will require the Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) to coordinate with intersection traffic signals, using onboard controls, to allow a smooth, non-stop barrier transfer.

In addition, Resolve Group are providing review of contract documentation, installation and commissioning planning, quality control of off-shore BTM manufacture, as well as providing framework planning for ongoing operation and maintenance of the MLB and BTM systems.