Resolve Group is project managing a dredging and piling contract at the Half Moon Bay ferry terminal for the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA).

New layover berths are being created 70 metres west of the existing berths, for use by local coastal vessels (ferries and barges).

Dredging to deepen the seabed has already removed approximately 2,500 cubic metres of sandstone. This allows flat-bottomed vessels to remain tied up at the new berths at low tide.

To minimise vibration, the piles are drilled rather than driven. One challenge is cutting through a very hard, cemented sandstone layer that requires frequent changing of the cutting teeth on the drill, which in turn, slows the drill rate. As the drilling must be done from a barge, another challenge is securely positioning the drilling rig during extreme tide and weather conditions as a great degree of accuracy is required for the drilling process.

Completion of the new berths is expected by the end of this year.

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