Khyber Pass

Resolve Group prepared a Request for Tender (RFT) for Auckland Transport, seeking consultants to assist in developing a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the Khyber Pass Road arterial corridor between Symonds Street and Broadway, Newmarket.

Production of the RFT required the collation of all relevant studies and reports (strategic, planning, traffic, etc.) at both local and regional level for use in the CMP. Resolve Group then chaired the Tender Evaluation Team, which reported to AT on the appointment of a recommended consultant, Beca Infrastructure Limited. In June 2012, the preparation of the Khyber Pass Road CMP had commenced.

Khyber Pass is a very challenging corridor because of its unique environment and diverse amenities. It is a transport hub for motorway access, bus rapid transit (Central Connector), urban rail and (potentially) the inner city rail loop.

There are commercial premises, character and heritage houses and buildings, prime redevelopment sites (such as former Lion Breweries), nearby schools, hostels, major reserves, an Olympic Pool and the Newmarket shopping and dining quarter. Walking and cycling facilities are also important considerations.