Demand for greater efficiencies and controls, labour costs, keeping abreast of construction delays or traffic issues – doing more with less. These are some of the drivers that motivated Resolve Group to install two construction cameras on a high profile New Zealand construction site.

These are not ordinary web cameras, or snazzy gadgets. They are high-resolution, wireless systems utilising innovative new web technology from North America. The cameras download 3 to 6 mega pixel images every 10-15 minutes. These images, easy to view and stored on a server, allow project teams with the correct password to monitor projects from any location with internet access 24/7.

This technology can improve project coordination and communication. This is a turnkey solution for projects of all sizes with benefits across the entire project.

  • Indisputable project records = cost avoidances/cost reductions 
  • Marketing and project showcasing tool

Resolve Group is the first company to pilot this technology in New Zealand and is currently leasing the cameras to Auckland City Council.