bus laneSince the end of 2014, Resolve Group has been working with Auckland Transport on the implementation of bus lanes for the Great North Road corridor between Avondale and New Lynn.

From an early list of potential bus improvement schemes developed by Resolve, Auckland Transport decided to progress this one due to its relative simplicity to implement and minimal impact on the local community.

The project involved carrying out a site investigation, and using bus patronage and parking usage surveys and traffic modelling to develop a concept design. The concepts were drawn up and used as the basis of consultation with internal Auckland Transport groups, then the public, before being developed into a detailed design.

The work is a combination of intersection improvements at New Lynn, and signs and road markings on Great North Road between Avondale and New Lynn. Because there are existing clearways along the route, the level of disruption to parking is minimised.

It is hoped the works will improve bus travel time reliability along the route in accordance with Auckland Transport’s objectives.