Michael Kwok attended the recent Auckland Transport Summit, a gathering of influencers and decision makers in urban planning, policy and private sector transport users. It was the platform to collectively hear and discuss progression towards a sophisticated urban transportation system in Auckland and to debate the critical decisions to be made in the imminent future.

Mayor, Len Brown, opened the summit by presenting big-picture goals for Auckland’s future and how transport systems fit into this. A presentation of historical data on Auckland’s transport patterns was set against predictions of Auckland’s changing demographic landscape and how that will impact on future transport needs, and what future imperatives are for our transport systems.

Funding was also a key issue, with an overview of alternative funding options developed for the Auckland Council, an examination of how to weigh funding and planning priorities, and the challenges and opportunities in adapting solutions from other cities and countries. Other discussions included transport’s role in improving Auckland’s environment, how to make transport systems viable and accessible, and how citizens can and do alter public transport.