Auckland Motorway Alliance

After nearly four years, the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) is near the end of its first Target Out-turn Cost period (TOC1). During this time various Resolve Group staff have held full- or part-time roles within the AMA, or been engaged by the AMA for special projects. They have helped make many significant improvements to the levels of service the AMA provides to the people of Auckland, delivering significant cost savings in the process.

This period has been especially challenging as several major capital projects on the existing motorway have been separately constructed, and/or handed over, by the NZTA Capital projects teams. These include the Victoria Park and Johnson Hill tunnels, projects which have significantly increased the asset base the AMA must manage, operate and maintain. This means an increased range of skills is necessary to ensure Auckland’s motorway users continue to receive value for money from their motorway network.

Resolve Group is pleased to have contributed to AMA’s achievements over TOC1, and looks forward to its continuing involvement with this high performing and innovative Alliance.

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