• Waikato Local Authority Shared Services
  • Waikato Local Authority Shared Services
  • Waikato Local Authority Shared Services

The Challenge:

Local Authority Shared Services (WLASS) is a council shared service between Hamilton City Council, Waipa District Council and Waikato District Council. The shared service delivers Smart Water Services (water education), Trade Waste advice and monitoring and water sampling and analysis for the three waters and closed landfills.

Waikato District Council (one third of the WLASS partnership) wanted to engage Watercare Services Ltd and provide an opportunity for eight other councils to join the partnership and benefit from existing infrastructure.

The Outcome:

To-date, six more councils have shown interest in some or all of the services provided by WLASS.

Our Involvement:

Resolve provided business analysis and project management services for this project including leading the investigation and delivery of an opportunity assessment for the integration of Waters Shared Services (WSS) with WLASS. This work covered water, stormwater and wastewater reticulation and treatment. Various options for the management of WSS, including council/private partnerships, were considered with the final recommend option selected for detailed analysis. We worked with the project steering group to develop budgets for neighbouring councils so they could better understand their commitment and make a more informed decision about joining. confirm their interest in joining.

We are currently completing the Single Stage Business Case for providing services to at least four councils.