• DYNAC Intelligent Transport Management System
  • DYNAC Intelligent Transport Management System

The Challenge:

Following successful implementation of the DYNAC* system in Auckland and Wellington, additional aspects of change and release management were needed to ensure that DYNAC remained up-to-date and current with other complimentary and subsidiary systems.

There was a challenge balancing available technical support resources with the changing needs of the client. This complexity was further tested by the sheer number of capital project integrations required at the time, including Wellington and Auckland tunnels, AMETI, Southern Corridor Improvements, Northern Belfast Bypass and the Peka Peka to Ōtaki Expressway.

* DYNAC is an Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS), hosted at the Auckland and Wellington Transport Operations Centres. DYNAC is designed to ensure the public receives up-to-date traveller and incident management information to improve travel reliably and safety. It is the core ITMS system, linking other subsidiary systems, including Waterview’s SIDERA system.

The Outcome:

Through carefully planned test-and-release management cycles based on industry best practice, DYNAC remains configurable and proofed against future needs and objectives.

Our Involvement:

Resolve Group took over management responsibility for the operational maintenance and support of the core system. We provided project management services and acted as Engineer to the Contract during the initial implementation in Auckland and Wellington. We also facilitated coordination between the SIDERA System (used for Auckland’s Waterview tunnel) and the national DYNAC system (used for general road traffic).

As software updates and patches were released to both systems, we ensured that the response plans, created by both systems, were kept in step with one another, which meant technical changes to the Waterview system integrated successfully with the rest of the network and vice versa.