Vienna, Austria is Jack’s favourite international destination. This might seem like an odd choice for a man who was born in China and grew up in Christchurch, but he says he appreciates the city’s walking, cycling and public transport networks and the way land-use functions are well-planned and delivered to support housing intensification. Jack also values how creative architectural expressions blend its vast history with modern interpretations and thinks New Zealand could benefit from many aspects of Vienna’s recent transport and land use development.

Jack says he fully appreciates the opportunities afforded to him by the distinct cultural perspectives his upbringing gave him, and feels it lends him an advantage, particularly in explaining complex ideas to stakeholders. Post earthquake, Jack returned to Christchurch and spent three years leading a multidisciplinary team to assess, design, consent, and oversee the construction of more than 80, significantly damaged, residential and commercials properties. Jack says, “the satisfaction of returning people that had lost so much in the earthquake to safe and warm homes stays with me to this day.”

Jack is an interesting hire for us. His architectural experience in designing buildings, delivering large scale infrastructure projects, and providing investment and commercial advice, gives our team added breadth and a new perspective. He says, navigating and solving complex problems is probably the most significant of the transferable skills he has brought to his work as a transport planner and active mode specialist.

“The problems of the future are getting ever more complex. Our problem-solving skills need to continue to evolve to include even closer collaboration from multiple disciplines. I see the art of solving complex problems as the key to unlocking our future opportunities.”

Jack is also a specialist in business case development and has worked with government ministries to leverage funding for regional council and tourism organisations. Jack says Resolve Group’s formidable reputation for high-quality and honest advice, where best-for-outcome is always the top priority, are values that align closely with his own professional ethos and contributed significantly to his decision to join us. We are very pleased to have him and are looking forward to seeing him provide strategic advice to help Resolve Group clients find and develop opportunities that are commercially and financially viable.